External networks: Trouble logging in

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Dear Community,


Some of our external partners can no longer log into our external Yammer network with their work emails. We are not sure, but we think it may have to do with their own workplaces instituting data residency in the EU Geo and or switching to Native mode.


As a temporary fix, can I remove these users and invite them back with a private email (e.g. gmail)?


Longer term:

If we switch to native mode ourselves, how would that effect our external Yammer network? It is a large, active and valuable resource for our organization.


My dream scenario is that we could set up SSO for people outside of our organization in Azure B2B and that they would have access to things we share with them in multiple services: a Yammer external network , Teams, etc. Is this any closer to reality?


Thank you for any help you can provide.

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