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As part of our transition from using multiple external networks to our primary internal network in native 365 mode, I have been decommissioning the old external networks though I've just noticed even though I've deleted 90% of them now, when I go in to "Accounts Settings > Notifications" with my Yammer Network Admin account, I and other users still see the list of external networks with the option to change notification settings for these networks even though they've been deleted some time ago.

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@Matthew Cook thanks for your question. Can you explain how you went about decommissioning your External Network? Thanks

Sorry for the late reply. I've just come back and had another look and it seems this menu has now cleared up and only showing my external networks that I know are still in existence.

For reference, I was going in to the external network and deleting it from within the network admin settings menu.
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Glad to know this is now cleared up. Perhaps this was a case of lag.