External Network creation audit log or notification

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Apologies if this has already been asked and answered or posted to the wrong group.

We are in the process of setting up our Yammer Enterprise network which we intend leaving relatively open for our users and teams to create goups and external networks as they are needed.

However it would be nice to have an audit log or preferably one of the IT team notified whenever a Group or External netrwork is created and by who.

I have found I can monitor for keywords for group creation in the main network but cant find a way of finding out if external networks, or groups within those networks, are created.

Anyone know of, or can recommend, a way of achieivng this?



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In the Admin settings under External Networks, there's a setting to allow only Admins to create external networks.  You could for instance have all requests to create an external network come through you (or another Admin).  You could also monitor the keyword 'created' in the external network so you can receive notifications upon group creation.

There's an API call for getting a list of all external networks, though it's not in the public documentation. I thought it was https://www.yammer.com/api/v1/networks/exportable.json but that's not working for me right now. Perhaps a Yammer folk can chime in with the real address.



That is a beautiful API call, @Chris Slemp (it's working for me at the moment).


Otherwise, @chris greenwood, while I also don't know of an auto-notification, another manual way is just to click Browse External Networks off of your Home Network gear toggle, and you'll see a list of "Our External Networks" and their members. I am _not_ sure if there needs to be a certain level of authority to see everything. 


I also see "Related External Networks"--from other companies that I've joined--and there's a "My External Networks" tab as well, though that just bounces me back to my home feed.