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We use Yammer in our company. Today I became aware that there is a challenge with opening external links. We can paste the links in Yammer, but when it is posted the link is not working. It is not possible to click on it without right-clicking. It works fine in Google Chrome and in the app, but not on IE. Some setting there or on the server? Regards Cato

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Is it working now?


I just tested this on IE and the links do open when clicked on directly--so maybe (hopefully) it was just a temporary thing on your side.

Hi. Unfortunately I think this is a more permanent issue. I have experienced it, but thought - and hoped - it was only my computer. We made a quiz now and it became obvious that it concerns several people.

Does it only happen in Yammer? I don't actually know what I'm talking about, but I'm wondering if resetting your IE Settings would help anything. 

This is occurring for loads of people on our network too. Only occurs for users of Microsoft's browser, works fine in Chrome and Firefox (the irony isn't lost on our staff!). I get the following error when I click on it:


'Object doesn't support the method 'find'

File: yam-requirejs-home-main-4c21997c0c76415bfceb.js, Line: 115, Column: 3792

Service call with MS. 116120515022261

Ugh. Good call with the ticket. 


@Cato A. Mørk, if you also open a ticket, reference Adam's ticket # so they realize it's more widespread.

I think we're seeing the same problem on our network. Horrible user experience requires people to hover over the posted link in the content box > click 'Go to Page' > arrive at a content landing page > click the full, messy URL at the top > be taken away from Yammer in the same window to the desired link. Is this an issue? Or A/B testing by Microsoft for new functionality?