Export Users inaccurate, deleted users getting notifications & showing as suggestions for groups


I found a post describing this issue here but since it was really old I wanted to ask again just in case any of you had "news" about these issues I am seeing in Yammer:

We are going to do a POC soon and we had an old network from many years ago so I "cleaned" the network to start from scratch (deleted all users, messages, groups, posts, etc). When I run an export of users only a few active show up so here is where I have the questions:

  1. An user that I deleted and shows in the export as soft-deleted reported that he is still getting notifications from the AllCompany feed. Why?
  2. A few POC users that have logged into the network and I have added them to a test yammer group do not show up in the export as active users (I waited a few days just in case - still don't show up). Why?
  3. When I try to add users to a yammer group, the deleted users still show as options when I am typing a name (suggested names). Why?

Am I misunderstanding how these scenarios should work?


Thank you all in advance for your feedback!


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