Exploring Yammer Specific Adoption Content Pack

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I acknowledge the contributions of @Christian Buckley and @John White in this article. Thanks, gents!


Adoption Content PackAdoption Content Pack

I still miss the leaderboards. I joined my org in July. I've used Yammer heavily but because some stats are only on aggregate I am not listed as an influencer.


Mashup is better than nothing. Before joining Microsoft 3 years ago as a Yammer customer success manager I assembled some insights by mashing up HR data with the Yammer data export. Take a look (see attached). It's really nice that its all automated now. There is still an opportunity to demonstrate that departments are crossing paths more frequently, highlight influencers / super connectors, or even response rates and times. We need network analysis tools for most of the Graph-enabled apps and services in Office 365 especially Yammer.


Surface metrics in the product experience. Why can't we see number of views on posts / videos / etc? It's all there. The more info the better the decisions. Other ESNs even offer to notify those who haven't viewed a post yet. Powerful.


What has your experience been with the Adoption Content Pack specifically around Yammer? How would you like to leverage network insights to drive actionable change?

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Full disclosure: I'm a tyGraph user and I focus on my External Network, which the O365 Adoption pack won't have.


But I did try out the Adoption Pack, and I agree on the leaderboards; I like being able to easily see influencers in as many areas as possible.


I can at least drill down to individual people within each department's Active Users box (like me!):



But I'd love to see an all-time list, and maybe it's there but I haven't spent enough time to create one.


I can, sort of, create a straight Post vs Likes (as opposed to the Post Count / Liked Count chart), but trying to use the YAM_ActivationDate filters so I could show different months or years proved very odd. I ended up ditching them. So I'd also love a clear set of "Date" filters.



I agree with your insight as to the other things that are missing. I keep coming back to main leaderboards as a must-have. It may be vanity metrics, but seeing where you rank out of the whole company can be a heady experience.