error message on posting. Yammer doesn't post

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I am posting through a Microsoft flow through email. so yes post follow a certain rule and look alike.

But Yammer refuses to post them:


Sorry, your Yammer update was not posted because it looks like a duplicate of your previous post.


how can i disable that:



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You might contact MS Support with the specifics of the content of the emails and the Yammer posts.

@Arno de Lange 

If you are trying to Post on Yammer group from Online like SharePoint Online or Word Online etc...


This is because in online, the updates made are dynamically synced in cloud as and when you update and for this reason, every time the file gets saved, the flow triggers which makes Yammer to think is it duplicate.


The best workaround would be.

  • Open the document in Word or Excel instead of opening in Online to make your updates.
  • When closing the file after you have updated, you will be prompted if you want to save on SharePoint Online where you can choose Yes.
  • By this, the actual file can be posted on Yammer Group as expected.
  • Even in this approach, frequent updates to the file also cause this issue making Yammer to think it is duplicate.

Note: For every update the Flow triggers and you will have duplicate copies in your Yammer Group under Files tab .