Error message on accessing 'Notifications' area on app and web site for Yammer - Help Appreciated

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We are regularly seeing the following error messages either on our phones when using the app or the web site... This only happens when going into the ‘Notifications’ tab on the bottom right of the app or when going to notifications area on the Yammer web site.


When you click on the ‘Notifications’ area on the app it seems to try to update or sync some info in the background.  You briefly see the spinning circle like it’s trying to update.  It is at this moment that the red error shows up at the top of the screen. 




When going into the 'Notifications' area on the web site you also see the following error message...




Unfortunately everyone in the pilot is getting this error message.  We’ve also done some searching to see if we could find anything on the net, but unfortunately it’s a fairly generic error message... so we’ve been unable to find anything helpful.  Any ideas what may be causing this or some pointers on where to look would be appreciated.  Technical help in the other areas for Yammer is unfortunately getting us nowhere... with clear cache type suggestions...


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