Enforcing O365 identities

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Currently with SSO/DSync, when users go directly to our Yammer network via our home URL, if they are on our companies network they are automatically signed-in to Yammer.  When you switch to O365 identities, would this hold true?  Or do they always have to do some sort of sign-in?

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I believe so, yes.

This may just be our side of things, but--


I've found that with O365, when signing in to Yammer directly, you may see one or two jump pages before you actually get there. It can depend on cookies, too.


For example, on a cleared-cache or incognito browser, I type in yammer.com and see the usual Log In page.


But the moment I complete the email field with my corp email, it redirects me to a login dot microsoftonline dot com O365 authentication page.


I put in my email again, and I get a jump page asking if I want to use my Work or school account (created by my IT department), or my personal account. (That last part may be exclusive to me due to something being awry on my side.)


I click Work or School account and finally am able to put in my password, and I'm in!


But: Most of these steps get bypassed as your browser collects cookies, and if you sign in to another Office product first, such as outlook dot office365 dot com, or even portal dot office dot com, the log in page sits just fine as you enter your email and password, no extra screens. And from there you can bounce to Yammer. 

Yammer also seems to hold onto a longer session than other Office 365 products. I usually start my day in Yammer and don't always need to login if the browser was open and the computer hasn't restarted. But as soon as I flip to OneDrive or SharePoint I'll need to login.