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on a company Intranet (SPO) frontpage there's a Yammer WebPart - however first view is a login button - and the Yammer then states "User X has joined..." in the home feed .... (and not in the yammer group)


1) How to avoid the Login button - so all just see the home feed?  


2) If the company moves to a new Office 365 Tenant and causes a new domain-  but still want to use the same Yammer network as now  - how do they avoid the users need to log in again due to the user's credentials "shifts" from: to:  


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@Taen keren  re: #1 are you enforcing O365 identity in Yammer? It doesn't sound like you are. I believe if you did enforce it, then it would auto log the user into Yammer (assuming they're logged into SP Online).


re: #2 - that sounds like it would cause a lot of issues. This might be a good question for the FastTrack team.

HI @Kevin Crossman 


Thx :) 


1) yes I've enforced the Office 365 identity  - Status: Committed 


2) I've just asked the same in Fasttrack Team community :)