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Is there a way to view all emails that Yammer can send out? I understand user email notificaitons and how to shut these off (i.e. edit settings > notifications). However, I want a list of any other possible emails so we can determine whether or not these should be turned off (if possible). For example, someone received an email "discover Yammer' which linked them through to their companies Yammer network. We think it may have been prompted by someone adding them in 'add your colleagues' when activating their yammer account. But would like to confirm - as we had shut off Yammer welcome notificaitons initially (and created our own via Flow). Thanks in advance for your help!!!

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Awesome idea to use Flow as an alternative to system welcome notification! Curious if it comes from a generic account or the community manager. Do you have instructions on how you accomplish this?


I assume @Angus Florance or @Steve Nguyen might direct you to the right folks for a comprehensive list of emails sent.

I'd like to second this request. Is there a list of all emails that Yammer sends with different activities? For example, when a person is added to a group...when a group is changed from public to private. Etc, Etc.


Would be great if we had one list for what shows up in the alert bell and one that covers when Yammer notifications are sent to the Yammer inbox. 

Agreed.  We recently enabled Yammer and now it's sending out emails to users that we had not expected and there appears to be no way to turn them off or even understand what's being sent out.

You can block the emails in Exchange and Exchange should also be able to give you an overview of all the emails being sent to users (just sort them by subject). New types of emails Yammer would like to send out should be communicated via the message center first afaik. Not really a problem if the user has to opt-in for the email, but then the feature still needs to be announced.. 

We did this while bulk uploaded users into our Core Yammer Groups to prevent 'unnecessary' emails sent when a user was added to multiple groups.  Once done iwe removed the Exchange rule.

...a follow on question (as I can no longer create a new thread in this community :thinking_face:). I'm new to a yammer network and it seems that no one is receiving the auto email 'There are highlights from groups I haven't joined (weekly)' nor the email 'There are new suggestions for people to follow (weekly)'. We are getting the highlights from groups I've joined but not these other two. Are these still being sent? Is this something we should raise via a ticket to Microsoft??