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There have been many lengthy announcements regarding updates to the Yammer email notifications.  A few questions:


1. Does the 'subscribe to this group by email' still send an email for every new post made in a group?

2. I'm not certain what notifications are still relevant, which ones are? (This is important for user training).

3. Are the notification check boxes in your profile going to be going away?


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1. If you subscribe to a group, you will get an email notifications for every newly started conversation. If from there you choose not to follow or participate in that conversation, we won't keep sending you every reply.

2. My preference for training new or infrequent users of Yammer is to ensure at a minimum they leave the following checked in the notifications settings:
- Daily or Weekly DIgest
- I receive a message in my inbox
- Someone invites me to a group

3. There aren't any plans to make changes to these. They are all still relevant.

Does the 'I receive a message in my inbox' still send off an email to group members when an announcement is posted?  I'm having reports of users not receiving emails upon announcements even though they have that first notification box checked.

It should, yes. If they aren't then might be worth submitting a ticket. 

Thanks.  One other question, has the alogrithim behind the top conversation/digest emails changed?  I have users reporting they are only getting emails that pertain to a certain group or two, not conversations from across the network that were genreally applicable to them.

I am still yet to receive a single email and I have checked all my spam folders. I just logged into my notification preferences and asked to be notified for every post that I make so my grumbling here is actually a test in itself
And sure enough, no emails, despite the fact that I have all notifications turned on. Nothing in junk.
Can anyone tell me what domain the notification emails are sent from so I can see if we can get it whitelisted?
This new network makes me sad. I feel so disconnected without a mobile ago and notifications :\
And of course I meant mobile app.
Can you receive an email only when an announcement is posted? So not if something else is in your inbox?
So I have a question - if a user has everything unchecked should they still be receiving notifications? I several users who report still receiving notifications even though they have everything unchecked in their Notification settings.

I'm not getting any emails from yammer even when I am tagged or mentioned @.. Any suggestions?

Was this issue ever resolved for you? I am having the same issue as well.. company wide though.

I am having this problem as well.  Has there been any updates/solutions to this?

Found this relatively old thread, so thought I'd post a related question here. 


I'm still not clear on how a group member controls how they get Announcement emails. Or if a Group Admin can control this in any way. 


I get how group members get group activity emails (which means anything posted PLUS announcements, I guess?) i.e. tick the 'Subscribe to this group by email' box, or via the Notification settings. 


But how does a group member control Announcement emails specifically? 


Here's the list of options I get in my Notification settings, nowhere do I see anything about Announcements: 


  • There are updates from my groups (daily)
  • I receive a message in my inbox
  • I get new followers
  • I install a new application
  • I log in from somewhere new
  • I post a message via email (This will send a confirmation email)
  • Someone invites me to a group
  • Someone likes messages I posted (daily)
  • Someone modifies my org-chart (daily)
  • Someone requests to join a private group I administer
  • There are highlights from groups I haven't joined (weekly)
  • There are new suggestions for people to follow (weekly)
  • Tips and important updates about Yammer features are available