Email notification delivery timing

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I understand the new delay logic that's been applied to yammer email notifications, see more here.


Just say I have emailed subscribed to a Yammer group.

And given I don't have the Yammer web page open, nor do I have the mobile app open:


- Will I get new posts from a group delivered in email pretty much as they happen?



One of my clients when looking at the email preferences, reads it that emails sent from yammer are either: never, daily or weekly. But I feel this only applies to the digest.


I don't feel "never, daily or weekly" applies to "email when ..." nor "there is new activity in the following Groups"

But I can see how it may seem this way (see image for more)


email delivery.PNG


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Never/Daily/Weekly only applies to the activity digest. All other notifications are either triggered by events or (daily) (weekly) as shown by the checkboxes.