Elegant way to auto refresh Yammer Group feed

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Anyone have smooth way of updating a Yammer group feed displayed on a big screen - the way Twitter does it.  At the moment I have the 'Super Refresh' extension on Chrome which I can set to nn seconds or minutes but its a full page refresh so is a little distracting on a large screen during a presentation.  On Twitter the refresh happens in the feed so a new message just appears discreetly without the whole page 'flashing'.


We'd like to gather questions in real-time from the audience and then answer a few during the event.




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I would look at https://streamingitoutloud.com/ for that sort of need.


How is Twitter different than Yammer exactly?

The feed mechanism section updates without an entire page refresh - this was at a conference so it may not have been displayed through a browser but some other app.  You simply get new posts appearing smoothly - sorry not very tech explanation.

I like this but we'd have go through our Information Security team for approval - let me investigate.  Thx.

They look similar to me. If there is a new post in your group you will see a notification that looks essentially similar to Twitter (in the browser).


Works well. We have used the free community edition for a few events where we have the Yammer feed on flat screens.
Maybe they were using some kind of third party app/product then ... it didn't work like that which is how Yammer does things as well.