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I've finally got some of our people to use Yammer and now find that after uploading Office documents to a group's Files section, the files cannot be edited without first downloading the files.  The new users are threatening to stop using Yammer for they don't want to have to download, edit, and then upload documents.  Is there something I must do to enable editing documents?  Anyone have suggesions on how to deal with this? Thans.    

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I've solved my own issue: older versions of Office files can't be edited through Yammer. When the file is viewed, the "Edit..." button is missing. It will show up on later versions, such as .docx.

For Word, Excel, PowerPoint (.docx, .xlsx, .pptx respectively) those documents can ONLY be editied using the Office Online apps, once they are loaded into Yammer. Which is fine for simple documents.

This happened when Microsoft integrated Yammer with Office Online.


You cannot download the documents to say Word 2016, make changes, then upload a new version ... what you'd actually be doing is uploading a new document but with the same name ... creating a duplicate!


One way round this is not to upload Word, Excel, PowerPoint documents into Yammer, but rather convert them to PDF, and then manage the Office format documents elsewhere (like SharePoint).


Coming soon, Yammer will be losing it's proprietry document store and having a proper document library based on SharePoint !!

Occasionally an Office doc that should let you preview it just fine will throw me a "Click here to view the document" on the file page and claim there is no preview available. I have to choose Edit File just to see it.


It's weird. I haven't dug into it enough to ascertain if it's because the file itself is too complex, or if it's just a fluke.