Dynamic Group Notifications

We have created a dynamic yammer group of all user for the purpose of pushing IT Comms across the business but we don't wish to intrude our users with notifications. Within the android app we have disabled group notifications yet are still receiving on the device. - is this expected can we disabled notifications from announcements in the group.
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Don't those user have to opt-in to get notifications from the Yammer app on their Android device (I'm not sure but that's how it works on the iPhone)?


If they've opted-in, I'm not sure what the problem is. What you can't do is limit notifications from some groups and not other groups.

Within the android app we disable the notifications for a group from within the yammer settings but when posted announcements it still pushes a notification.

Is this because it's an announcement or should it not push notifications as the group is deselected
App notifications are enabled as he wants notifications from his other yammer groups. So some are selected others are not selected withing app settings.

There is no way (unless you go into Exchange) to change the notifications for users centrally. Users have to do this themselves. You have two types of notifications. The push notifications you get on your phone and email notifications which they can enable in the Yammer group. Disabling the push notifications on your phone will disable all push notifications. Announcements, private messages etc result in push notifications. The only way for users to disable the push notifications for a specific group is by leaving the group. 

So MS Support came back to use and have also updated parts of their documentation on limitations for notifications of announcements in the Yammer app. Announcements will always ignore user preference and push a notification or email