Drivers of the implementation effort of a Yammer Use Case

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What are the most important factors which drive the needed implementation effort of a specific use case 


I was thinking of f.e.:

  • # of members of the community of practice
  • # of supported languages  
  • Type of use case: f.e. a Community of Practice for internal audit staff at a Fortune500 enterprise vs. project team collaboration use case
  • # of secondary use cases defined in the primairy use case

Love to hear other drivers of implementation effort for Yammer use cases

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While during launch, we came up with more general than specific use cases, we definitely ended up with very individual ones, like your "Type of use case" point. Some that I wouldn't have thought of in the initial stages but which became clear as our company culture evolved through using Yammer.


For example, our IT team is using Yammer to post tech tips and other items to benefit staff, ranging from internal processes to external trends and issues, such as, "Yahoo got hacked again, here's what you do to protect yourself."


Whereas we have a Sales and Marketing collaboration group that's intended to supplement any face-to-face interaction through exchanging ideas and posting resources.


We also have "softer" groups, Photography, Charities, even a Classified Ads type of group, that help us really get to know our co-workers beyond their job titles.


Over on my External Network, the groups seem to revolve around two things: Our training and all subsequent successes, challenges, questions and answers; and specific groups for each training class where the members therein want to stay in touch.

Hi Beckey, 


Thanks for your reply and all the examples of use cases. Can you also tell me what is driving the implementation effort? 


F.e. an implementation of social enabled Global Account Management program for the top 50 global key accounts takes more effort than implementing a group to support a project team. In the case of the global key account management program there was a central group for the people driving the global account management program, a group for the ESN champions (these were 50 people acting as the Yammer SME within each key accout team) and 50 groups for each key account.


So the # of groups was a major driver of the implementation effort.  Do you have experienced any other driver of the implementation effort?