Does Yammer have gamification tools such as badges , points etc ?

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Our customer are testing gamification hypothesis  and would like to use Yammer as a tool. However even though there are few budges available it is not clear how much gamifications is imbedded in Yammer

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Hi Yregni,

Yammer does not have have gamification built into the product. If that's something you're interested in, there are partners that offer integration such as Badgeville:

I don't have any experience with Badgeville, but perhaps someone else here does?

I understand that AIA in Asia used gamification in their Yammer work.  @Bob Crozier may be able to help.


@Scott Ward has also had success with gamification approaches.

Thank you Simon!


I will also add that there are ways to design a community management strategy that uses gamification principles, without employing any additional tools. This includes things like rewarding behavior in benchmarks, while still maintaining an element of surprise and delight for the user. Success will depend on the size and maturity of your network, as well as how much dedicated time your community mangement team has to devote. 

I like that idea a lot! Reward with substantial things. 


Late last year, we rolled out a strategy that identified the customers in our External Network who had reached a certain level of training status in our products: A kind of "Welcome to X Level!" using Yammer Announcements, with all of their names listed and a customized image attached. We house this Announcement in a public group dedicated to those customers in that level. Anyone can view and join to get the benefit of their experience.


It's been a great way to give recognition and thanks at the same time.


For home networks, I've actually seen some people moving away from using the Praise feature in favor of posting a regular post that highlights what the employee they're praising does, usually accompanied by a picture of that employee/what they did. Maybe it just feels more natural to them. It's pretty cool that they're taking the time to craft that kind of post.


I do understand the desire for badges. Periodically, I get inquiries about badging. Maybe we'll still want it some day, but for now, the methods we're using work well with our culture, for which I am grateful. :) 

You could possibly use Microsoft Flow to introduce gamification as it can monitor a group and post a reply based on some criteria or add a score to a table. However it might be too basic / need a fair amount of planning thought.

The Azure Advisors Network, run by Microsoft's Azure team, have done a great job of investing in lo-fi ways of recognizing contributors. A combination of simple Yammer notes and announcements like @Deleted mentions below, clever use of the INFO panel in a group... what they've found is that it doesn't take much to motivate, but some investment certainly required.

Thanks for the mention @Simon Terry 


As mentioned above, Yammer doesn't have a gamified toolset but Red Critter is worth checking in addition to Bunchball, Badgeville etc... my only criticism of those systems is they are expensive and time consuming if you are using them for a one off campaign...  


However I would also say that Yammer at a foundational level is gamified already through things such as: like, comment, share, tags, mentions, follow; all of which are basic game elements.


We've had huge success using just the existing gamified infrastructure of Yammer, combined with a 3 stage user journey and the SAPS model of rewards (Status, Access, Power, Stuff) which is easy to do in Yammer... I've written a couple of posts that mentioned SAPS (below), but can do something specific if theres interest:

Thanks @Simon Terry I had a gamification module build quite easily using "missions" which have qualitative and quantitative parts to drive value adding usage.  Getting the integration part right has been challenging as it may open up an attack vector for ingress to production systems.  

"Get your incentives right and people will literally work for free, get them wrong and there is not enough money in the world to keep your community functioning." - YES.


The Tom Sawyer effect combined with the fact that gamification is nothing new and that Yammer already has it anyway--it may just take some pointed pointing-out, or at the very least, concentrated nurturing--can help quell the badging desires. ($$ for badging also helps with the quelling.) 

Had to look up the "Tom Sawyer Effect"... love it... such a great example

@Scott Ward Hey Scott, I know this is an old post but my company is looking for ways to encourage interaction and collaboration on Yammer. Gamification was one of the first ideas that has been discussed. I tried to read the posts that you linked to on this reply but it said that they had expired. Any chance you still have access to those? 



I have been exploring the gamification options for Teams and Yammer and it would be great help if there is something out there which can be used as a connector or an app that can be integrated. The earlier links to blog post have expired so if you have any insights to share it would be great.