Does Yammer Enterprise standalone require separate AzureAD licenses

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If a company wants to start using Yammer Enterprise without other O365 products or licenses, do they need to buy Azure AD licenses separately or is that included in the Yammer Enterprise license? The customer wants to supprot Single-Sign-On through ADFS. And Azure AD Free is not an option in this case, since Microsroft does not give any kind of SLA to that one.


I've found no product description that says that AzureAD (with some kind of a SLA) is included in Yammer Enterprise standalone, but none of the pages I've read have said that you should also purchase additional AzureAD licenses.


As far as I understand, O365/AzureAD authentication is the only option for Single-Sign-On (SSO) after December 2016 when the Yammer SSO and DSync will be deprecated (link). The Yammer Service Description (link) states that "Directory Synchronization" is included in the "Yammer Enterprise" plan, but does this mean that the required AzureAD is also included?




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@Angus Florance, do you know who might be able to help answer this question?

AzureAD has 3 license tiers, free, basic and premium. You'll use the free tier with Yammer or any other O365 workload, and it supports AD sync through AzureAD Connect and federation with ADFS and other identity services in all licenses. More at
To me it seems that there are actually FOUR different AzureAD offerings: free, basic, premium and O365.

AzureAD that comes with O365 is almost like the free one, but with a couple of important differences. For example the O365 AAD comes with the 99% SLA where as MS does not guarantee any SLA for the free tier. More info here:

We asked this from Microsoft directly and they said that when you buy only the Yammer Enterprise, you don't need to buy separate AAD licenses to get the SLA. So it seems that Yammer Enterprise is bundled with the O365 version of AzureAD.