Discovery Feed and Groups?


I was hoping to put this question out there to see how others handle the scenario in which our company has a broad range of groups.  People need to see posts from specific groups in there feed but have zero need to see other posts from other groups.  I am finding in the Discovery feed not all the posts are appearing that they need to see and the All feed would obviously include the posts from groups they don't need to see.   Has anyone found a reasonable solution to essentially how Yammer used to let you follow groups?  Thank you.

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@Shamilton950 I think one of the great things about the Yammer user interface is that when you land there you can see which groups have new posts. And once you start to read those new posts as you scroll down it give you a link to the next group with unread posts. All of which makes it really easy to catch up with your groups without having to see posts you've already read. And, unlike consumer social networks, there's an "end" to this -- allowing you to get back to work.


So, for your use case, I'd suggest using that method of catching up with groups rather than relying on the Feed.

Thx @Kevin Crossman  I will see how that approach works.