Disabling the App Catalog?

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I am currently assisting the implementation of Yammer at our company, and have gotten requests from the IT team to disable access to the App Catalog out of concern that users will download/install unauthorized/unsupported technology.

Is this possible to do? We're also not supporting the mobile app, and would like to turn off Yammer's push to download that as well.


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A network admin can disable 3rd Party Applications in the configuration screen.


I don't think there is any way to disable the mobile app prompt during onboarding... and why would you? Use of the mobile app will increase adoption by your community.

Does unchecking that box also disable access to Microsoft/Yammer created apps like the Windows Desktop Notifier or to Dynamics CRM?


And does it just remove a link to the App Catalog, or does it block the functionality of any app that is connected to Yammer?

Yes, non-Yammer applications (so anything except their mobile apps) from Microsoft are 3rd Party. So Microsoft Flow, for example, is 3rd party.

Also just be aware, apps created by your employees are not "3rd party", so are not subject to the restrictions mentioned above.