Disabling ordinary users from creating internal Yammer groups

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Yes, this question has been asked many times before over the years but is the above still impossible in 2020 now that Yammer has been embraced by Office 365?  Our users must be able to create Office 365 Groups because they are enthusiastic Teams users, BUT we want to restrict the creation of Yammer groups to a select few as they are used for disseminating corporate info across the enterprise.


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I am not certain but I believe this to be true:

1) Yammer respects restrictions set in place for users to create O365 groups

2) I do not believe there is a way to say that it is okay for users to create O365 groups in Teams but not in Yammer (or Planner, Outlook, SharePoint).

@Deleted The best solution for now may be some 3rd party tool or create your own using Power Automate\ App for user self provisioning of Office 365 groups. We have disabled creation of Office 365 groups so looking into this myself so that users can self provision using an app or form.