Disable Yammer group and Office 365 Yammer connected group creation.

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We have disabled Office 365 Group creation in our tenant and control this via an internal process (coded) with some built in governance.

I'm aware that doing this still enables the user to create a Yammer Group via the UI (not a Office 365 Yammer connected group) wish gives us a real problem as we want to use an internal process to create these as Office 365 Yammer connected groups.


Is there a way that we can turn off the option entirely for creating both Yammer groups and Office 365 Yammer connected groups so that users can not bypass our internal process and just go ahead and create Yammer groups via the UI instead?


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I am also interested in why a Yammer Group can be created when the directions given by MS Here 

indicate that it will block Yammer too.  Managing all these different API and Groups/SharePoint content access is becoming overwhelming.  I am envisioning the day when someone gets access to content they shouldn't.  In My opinion, Office 365 Groups, Teams, Yammer, Planner, SharePoint (everything) should have a common access control and permissions management UI. Not the convoluted morass we have to try and get ahold of.

 OK , I'll try and relax now.


We are also facing the same challenge. Having followed the instructions referenced by Forrest at https://support.office.com/en-us/article/manage-who-can-create-office-365-groups-4c46c8cb-17d0-44b5-... we are still unable to block O365 Group integrated group creation in Yammer. We have created a security group in Azure AD using the above instructions. Following these instructions seem to work for Teams and allows us to block Team creation and also for Planner to block Plan creation. This structure was in place, now we have recently enabled Yammer O365 integration. Our existing architecture is not blocking O365 group integration in Yammer. 

Has anyone else been able to restrict O365 group creation coming from Yammer?