Disable SharePoint News on Yammer?


Is there a way to disable the SharePoint News on Yammer? We have a robust communications approach using SharePoint, and want Yammer to be different than a company news feed. Can I turn this off? 

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We absolutely agree and have submitted DCR to request this as well on behalf of our 60K person company. Our communications team chooses which News posts we want to add comments to and uses the publish to Yammer function to get that functionality. The fact that Yammer automatically sends posts of it's choice to Yammer completely disregards that and does not give admins a clear visibility to the posts themselves. This feature is reckless from a community management standpoint.
Reckless? Did you also disable the automatic news feed on the SharePoint start page?
I agree. We should have at least a setting for this to disable the feeds.
Anyone else found a way to block this?