Disable/hide comments on specific yammer groups

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I'm looking for an option to disable or hide comments on Yammer groups.

Using Yammer (compared to the old news feed) would make the apperance kind of messy, since the comments block takes up a lot of space.


Do any one know if this is possible? If not, do someone have a third-party solution to recommend?






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AFAIK there is no way to disable or hide comments in (specific) Yammer groups and there are no third-party solutions for this either. You could use the SharePoint News which has its own commenting feature or you could use the new Yammer web part for modern SharePoint sites. Can imagine that Yammer takes some time to get used to, but I do think that users will prefer Yammer when compared to the Newsfeed in the long run..

Hello Pooya,


Thanks for your answer. Yeah we have been trying the News webpart in modern SharePoint site as well, but it's quite a few steps to go through until the news is published.
The old news feed which reminds of Yammer but without the comment blocks is what we're looking for. But this however (to my knowledge, please correct if I'm wrong) is not supported by the modern UI? 

The new Yammer webpart for modern Team sites could be a solution. It highlights top, latest or selected conversations, but not the comments. Would have been great if it had an option to automatically highlight only the announcements from a specific group. You would have to do that manually right now. More info can be found here 



Is your intent to operate Yammer with everyone posting into the single All Company group? That's not optimal unless your org really cherishes an all-open mindset.


Yammer Groups are very useful at allowing people in your org come together to discuss specific topics. Not everyone is interested in Photography Tips, or the messages for the Idaho field office, or amongst the Silicon Engineers. Groups allow those conversations to take place without forcing everyone to read them.

Hi Kevin,


Thanks for your reply. 
My intent with my question was that we want to publish news quickly into the default group "All Company" or another group which we for example name just News.

And in this group just hide/minimize the availability to post comments, since it takes up site size.


So basically we just want the old Message function to support the modern pages. 


Not sure what "Message" function you're referencing.


The way you described the use case, I think you'd be better off leveraging SharePoint Communications sites (limited set of known authors) and disable comments on those News pages.


Yammer isn't a good tool for what you're looking for, since commenting is the whole point of the tool. Using Yammer without comments serves no purpose (in the way that using Facebook without replies would serve no purpose)