Disable all yammer notifications for all users automattically


Hi, I'm Office 365 global admin and would like to know if it's possible to disable all yammer email notifications by default for all users in the organization by default. I wouldn't want every user to have to perform this action manually.

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Services such as Yammer are reliant upon notifications to continue to remind users of what's happening, and keep them engaged. Is there a specific reason you're looking to disable email notifications?

I don't believe there is a method for an admin to override an end-user's settings in this respect, much less for all users.
Sorry to necro this thread but in our case we'd like to use Yammer as part of a staff intranet and as an attempt to reduce emails, have created a few communities to move non-essential messages to there instead of people's mailboxes. It's a bit of a moot point if they then receive emails from Yammer.

@Jainslie did you manage to resolve this or was it addressed via training?

Exactly this.
Yammer should help us to reduce internal email clutter; not create more of it!
I'm finding I'm getting push back from leadership who want us to stop using Yammer because of the 'spammy' emails. With Yammer existing in Teams, people have no difficulty in surfacing information they want/need. We don't need email junk as well.
Sorry, only just saw this one! I ended up making a policy on our email filtering to just block Yammer emails...
Thanks for the update, Jainslie! Good on you and good for your employees that you block these emails. Launching an internal social network is hard enough, but when you flood peoples' inboxes with notifications from that new platform, you hurt your user adoption in a profound way.