Deprecated Basic Yammer Network in Yammer Enterprise Network

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Hi all,


Need a bit of a dig out here with this one!


We have a basic Yammer network that has been widely used by the company over the past 10 years.
We have a Microsoft 365 tenant that we want to move our primary domain to, so to setup our AD sync model. Our Office 365 tenant resides in the EU Geo.

This primary domain is used by staff to log into the Yammer basic network so my understanding is that the current Yammer network will be pretty much disable and users now re-directed to the new Yammer enterprise on Office 365. So I've been following the below article, which all seems pretty simple.


Its imperative that I'm able to export the data from the basic network, which I can only do once it's in a depreciated state and accessible through the Yammer Enterprise tenant. I understand users can export their own data from the basic tenant but that's just not feasible in our case.


I've tested this using a test 365 tenant and a test Yammer basic network, where Yammer Enterprise is in the EU Geo location, and the deprecated Basic network never appears within the enterprise Yammer tenant.


I then tested it with a test 365 tenant with Yammer in the US Geo and the deprecated basic Yammer network appeared within about 5 mins!!


Because Yammer enterprise in EU Geo is blocked from accessing external Yammer networks, does this mean that it cannot access deprecated Basic Yammer networks also?


If anyone has experience of this, I'd love to hear from you!






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@bleddy81 This might be a good question for your Microsoft account team. They should be invested in getting into your tenant specifics and getting you guidance on being migrated/setup appropriately.

Hi @bleddy81! I.m about to help a customer with exactly your case.
How did it ended for you? Could you successfully merge your Basic network into your (new?) primary EU located Yammer network? 


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/ Emil 

Emil sorry for the late reply on this. Did you get sorted in the end? At the time it was not possible for us to move the data or access the data from the basic network.