Delivering Audio Recordings through Yammer

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Trying to post audio files to be delivered through Yammer, and haven't been able to do so. I can upload .mp3 files so people can download and listen, but that's a poor user experience. Am I missing something, or is this really obvious feature not available in Yammer?

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You're right, it would render as an attachment as there's no audio streaming capability built into Yammer.
What about if you try to upload it to Office 365 Video and share that to Yammer, or "upload" the file from OneDrive for Business as that would link to the original file which might stream it from there.

Office 365 Video unfortunately won't work because the uploaded files need to be video formats for that workload.


FWIW the new Modern UI Document Library in SharePoint does a much better job playing various media formats well in the browser, including MP3 files. Click on the MP3 and it plays.


For Yammer, remember that very soon now all newly created Yammer Groups will create Office 365 Group sites based in SharePoint automatically.

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Load the audio into PowerPoint and create one slide with a picture of the speaker, title etc. Then export from ppt as a video.

That did the trick, the one watch out is to increase the length of the audio that plays on the slide when exportining it into a movie, it defaults at 5 seconds