Deleting Ugly URL's after it attaches (Yammer vs. Yammer Embed)


Hi Community,


So I am sure we are all aware that when you post a link on Yammer, it attaches. And once it does that you can delete the ugly URL and the attached link remains. However, that is not the case in Yammer embed. We have embed feeds on ALL of our Intranet (SharePoint) pages so it's an integral part of our overall model. I have noticed when I delete links in Yammer it works perfectly because the attachment still shows. however, in Yammer embed on our SP pages, the link is completely gone. Anyone experience this issue? Thank you!!!

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An interesting perspective. I feel your pain about ugly URLs, though I think average users don't really care.


Possibly consider raising this concern in Uservoice


I feel your pain. No one likes ugly links especially in a polished intranet.

Not much that can be done in embed. As Kevin suggests perhaps something for UserVoice

So I figured out what the deal is. When you first post, and you add your link and it attaches, you can totaly delete it and that link still shows, both in native Yammer and in embed. However, if you try doing that in a REPLY then the link only shows in native Yammer and not at all in Embed. So if you like to delete links like I do, you can only do that when you post and not reply. :)