Delete external Yammer network not accessible in our own Yammer tenant

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We have an external network in our Yammer tenant that has no members and no admins. When I join this network I'm automatically given the admin rights, but when I try to access this network I get this message: (Norwegian) "Du finner ingenting her, men behold troen. Nøyaktig den siden du leeter etter, er ikke her, men informasjonen du leter etter, er der ute et sted". Translated to English it should be something like this: "You can not find anything here but keep the faith. Exactly the page you are looking for is not here, but the information you are looking for is out there somewhere".


Anyone know how I can get access to this network so that I can delete it?

Is there a way to delete external network without beeing a member.

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No, you need to be a member and network admin so while it's strange that it's not working for you it's also not surprising.
I'd raise a Service Request and get Microsoft to handle it in the back end.

Thank you for your response. I will raise the problem as an Service Request to Microsoft ang hopfully they can delete this network.