Data Retention and Expiry

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Has anyone found or developed a solution for applying specific retention timescales to posts within Yammer?


E.g.  Need to purge any & all data after 12 months.




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Nope, but I can think of a solution. Using powershell, use the export API daily to refresh your export of messages. Then write a script.... Import-csv, then foreach-object.... if date > 360, then use the message delete api. Do the first time for all time messages... then change the export to increment after that one time. There's a caveat to that though - The parent message will always be the oldest and replies inside that may reflect newer dates. You can't delete a parent message without deleting every response.

Thanks Victor - Kinda assumed there wasn't going to be a better method.  I will have a lok.




Do you use an analytics package like TyGraph? Using PowerBI it would be easy to create a report then export it and use it as an input file for a powershell deletion script.

Hopefully this will improve when Yammer moves over to using the Exchange substrate as then we will hopefully get all of the Exchange ediscovery / compliance goodness. But that is a long way off.

This is essentially what we have done as well. Disappointing MS hasn't rolled Yammer into Compliance Center yet.