Customizing All Company - Restricted or Unrestricted




The New Yammer experience allows for the ability to restrict who can post in All Company. e.g. Admins can post corporate content and users can reply, similar to an employee communications newsfeed. However, this could be viewed as taking away employees' ability to share and/or collaborate in All Company with all users, which they've been accustomed to thus far.

Is there any case studies best practices or pros and cons on All Company Community Newsfeed (restricted) vs. All Company Communities (Unrestricted)?

Could we have both?

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@andrewclarke It definitely can't be both.


It's always been the case that the best experience in Yammer has been in groups/communities, to help align the topics for conversations. With All Company kind of being a "not sure where to post" last resort. A smaller number of Yammer networks have employed all company for "everyone in the company" announcements.


How you use it depends on the use case for your org. Do you want to restrict access to All Company only to admins to post? If so, is there another community where all users are added to (e.g. company watercooler) to fill the "not sure where to post" use case?

Thanks, Kevin. I appreciate your response. Currently, all employees are added to the All Company community by default. Do you know if it's possible to add all employees into two communities? For example: 1: All Company Restricted; and, 2) All Company Unrestricted "Watercooler"

@andrewclarke Yes, you can make any Office365/M365 Group have a query from Azure AD to auto-add all your employees to the group.


In this scenario with two auto-added communities:

1. All Company Restricted
2) "Watercooler" Unrestricted

If all employees are auto-added to both communities mentioned above, can we set it up so that in Community #1 (All company) there's no opt-out option for employees, but for Community #2 "Watercooler", they can opt-out if they choose to leave the community?