CSV file to add members to Yammer group not working


Hi Guys- Apologies if this is a newbie mistake but it used to be easier to upload a CSV file to add members to a Yammer group. Now it seems to only accept a file that has been exported from Outlook. Has there been a change? I can no longer upload a simple CSV with emails. 

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Hey Katie, does this support doc help at all?




I don't believe anything has changed in the product. 


Is anyone else here having issue?

I'm struggling with adding members through csv (import).

Out of list with hundreds of people, all in the same tenant, some I can't add . It seems pretty random.

When adding manually these work fine. I've created a small set with just 3 addresses of which one is "not allowed". This gives the same behaviour. Any clue how this can be fixed? 


I couldn't find many other resources on this issue unfortunately.


Thanks for getting back to me.



I'm struggling with this also. I'm uploading a CSV file that contains E-Mail Address at the top, with the users' email addresses below. 



CSV-fail.PNGWhen I go to Group Settings > Add From Address Book (CSV) > Choose File (selecting CSV file) > Preview, all I get is the spinning wheel of doom. 


Anyone else getting this or is it just me

We're all newbies at some point.  :)


@Katie O'Leary, One thing I noticed is that sometimes you have to add the users to your network with Invite Users first, and then you can add them to a group.  Try that and let us know how it works.


@Hans van Rijsbergen, I've seen this sometimes when certain users are listed in the Blocked Users list.  Also, I've seen it when there are certain users which are similar to users in the Blocked Users list.  And finally, I've seen this for certain people with no explanation at all.  Usually I can add these outliers manually.  Once or twice there was something very strange with the user object (take a look in your data export) that needed corrected, such as multiple accounts sharing an email address.


@Mark Allotey, that spinning wheel of doom (SWoD) is super annoying.  I've found it to be a browser issue, but I forget which one works.  If you're getting the SWoD in IE, try Chrome.  If you're getting it in Chrome, try IE.  Personally I do that kind of stuff usually in Chrome Incognito Mode, to avoid any add-ons getting in the way.  


The functionality is kind of old so it's a little temperamental.  But it's a life-saver as compared to adding all those users manually.

Yes, as Tom said, it's very finicky. You have to get the spelling of the headers exactly right, and there can be no spaces (including trailing spaces) in the email addresses. Make sure you check those things, and then switch browsers if it's still not working.



No need to export from outlook we can convert excel file to CSV while converting it we get 4 different option of csv so we need to choose CSV(Comma delimited) after doing this try uploading on yammer it yammer.pngtake very much less time of course don't forget to add column header "Email" without quotes.



Same issues with me. While upload .csv file it just does not upload except spinning the wheel.
Any help?




Salik Anwar

@Salik Anwar See above:  "...that spinning wheel of doom (SWoD) is super annoying.  I've found it to be a browser issue, but I forget which one works.  If you're getting the SWoD in IE, try Chrome.  If you're getting it in Chrome, try IE."

@Salik Anwar , a few pointers :


We find that there is a maximum number of people that can be added in one batch. I think this is related to the total number of characters in the CSV file, not the number of people or lines. So if you have a domain with a very long extension then that may mean you can add fewer in one batch. For us, our domain is short (@xxx.com) and we recommend that batches of no more than 450 accounts are added at once. If the total characters within the CSV file is exceeded you see the spinning wheel, sadly, rather than a partial load.   


I also suggest that if you have multiple batches, allow 5 minutes between each one. I can't prove it but we think that if you run them too quickly, the first one may not execute fully.


There are other peculiarities in adding by batch. Almost guaranteed that if you add 200 names, you will only see an increase of +180, not 200. It also seems to depend if the group is marked as public or private.


As mentioned in the above thread, the other common mistakes are not having "email address" in cell A1, and not saving in the "correct" CSV option format.


Finally, make sure that you use the addresses as per the Active Directory email. Many people often have their primary SMTP email as something else.



@Alan Boulter I just uploaded a CSV file from Excel in Chrome. The spinning wheel sowed for quite a few seconds, but after that I got the pop-up that 471 invites would be sent. Seems to work fine!

@Alan Boulter currently it is not working even with one csv entry (SWoD) using Chrome or Edge

there is no option of csv comma delimited@ramlubh225



in MacBook Pro there is no option of CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv)
How create it
Excel and Numbers both should be able to export spreadsheets to CSV format.