Creating and Managing External Groups


Yammer now allows you to create groups that include external users. External groups will look different than regular Yammer groups, so you can easily distinguish which groups have external participants. The group header for an external group will show that additional networks are participating in the group. 


When creating an external group, it must be set as an external group from the beginning - you cannot change an existing group to be an external group.




Learn more about how to create and manage external groups here

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I don'[t have the option for external group that I had expected to see - and worse: i can't find anything in the literature that suggests some on/off switch I need to manage for this launched feature.  Help.


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I would raise a support request, the settings to turn off external messaging require a request to support, there isn't a UI to change it.

Just to be precise:  It's not external messaging. It's groups with external members.  External  messaging has been around for a while, or so I understand.  Furthermore, I'm not trying to turn external groups off; rahter I expected it to be on by default, and I recall that belief originated in the marketing materials for the launch.


So, can we confirm that we're on the same page before going further (though of course I'm grateful for the  fact that you repsonded)



Hey Darren, there are a number of scenarios possible here. I would recommend reading this blog (and the FAQ at the bottom). If that doesn't help, it's time to contact support. My guess is that they are turned off.

@Darren Kowitt, here is the documentation for external messaging and external groups. I'm guessing your network administrator "opted out" of this feature.

I am replying to your original message even though this conversation was started a few months ago since I just came across it and we were having a similar problem.  In our case I had turned on the feature inYammer Network Security Settings for:


External Messaging

  •  Enforce your Exchange Online Exchange Transport Rules (ETRs) in Yammer

You disable external groups and messaging if this is enabled.


Hopefully this post helps someone in the future.


Thanks for sharing!