Country specific post without creating a country group

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Hi Everyone, our company has offices in 3 countries (AU, IT, US). We would like to post on Yammer to all staff in just one country (eg AU), but prefer to not create country specific groups. Is there a way to achieve this? We have an email distribution group (eg AU_Internal Users) that we can use to send a country specific email to, can we somehow use this in Yammer? Thanks in advanced.
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Can't think of any way to do this without creating specific groups.

You will need to create and maintain separate groups for each geography to be able to announce messages in this way to particular audiences. The new AD integration for Yammer groups will make this somewhat easier if you are able to implement this in your network. This will allow for dynamic provisioning and avoid adjusting Yammer groups for hires, exits and movements.


It is important to remember that Yammer is most effective as a two-way channel of communication and also where employees can discover information that is most relevant to them. You may want to ensure that the groups are open to be viewed by employees of other geographies in case there is an element of those messages that may be relevant to them. You may also want to restrict announcements to those groups to only critical must be shared messages. If every post in the group is an annoucement, employees are likely to lose interest quickly.


You may also want to consider with the introduction of georgraphic groups what information it is relevant for the employees in each geography to share with each other.  Fostering a vibrant geographic community will make all your messages more valuable.