Corporate Branding Yammer Group Banner

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1.)  To get a custom color into your Yammer Group Header, you’ll need to know the hex code of the color you want. Best way is to copy the color currently used in your corporate marketing materials.  For this demonstration, I’ll use the public website of my employer.  (Which I’m sure is copyrighted, all rights reserved, used for demonstration purposes…)  Anyway, take a screenshot of the materials, save as a JPG file, and open in something like  (Available here for free download, no warrantee blah blah)


2.)  Opening up the file… Right click the file --> Open with -->




3.)  Load your color into the program following the instructions in the image.




4.)  Once you click on the color palette, you will see your selected color as Primary, and a little dot indicating where on the color wheel your color is located. Click on More>>> to reveal the Hex code of your color.




In this example, the Hex code for my corporate blue is 173E69.  Now, let’s go to Yammer.


5.)  As the group administrator, click on the settings cog to update the group settings.



6.)  You’ll see your current color already checked. Click the + sign to open up the customization bit of the admin UI.




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