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Can someone remind me what if any content can get a preview in a Yammer post. I think only public videos like YouTube, but not content from within our own tenant?


I posted a link to a nice Sharepoint page we built and it is the most generic, unappealing thing in the Yammer post announcing it.


I guess the workaround is to take a screen shot and post that with the link, but seems bizarre that I would have to do that.

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@Rob O'Keefe This should be getting a lot better at least for SharePoint pages. See the Message Center post MC228391 - Send SharePoint pages to Yammer.


Now when you add a SharePoint news link to your Yammer posts it nicely pulls the thumbnail image, title, and initial text.


  • Targeted release (organization) will begin mid-December and should be complete by late December
  • Standard release will begin early January and should be complete by the end of January 2021

@Kevin Crossman Is this just "news" type pages? we don't use that a lot. What about "standard" Sharepoint pages.

@Rob O'Keefe If the page includes a header image that image does get pulled into the preview in Yammer. Though, the page title does (only the URL).