Consequences of removing a default domain from a Yammer instance




Whilst trying to verify a domain in an O365 tenant for my client, we discovered that this domain had already been added to another tenant to be used for Yammer and therefore we couldn't add it.


The client needs to use this domain with their new tenancy and need to know what the consequences would be if they removed the domain from the tenant that Yammer is set up in. Can you use the default domain instead.


This is a cloud only instance with no sync from local AD.




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Yes, you can use the domain. It's always best to leave a little time between domain changes and make sure users have updated to the in Yammer before doing the domain removal.

There is a domain sync process that starts after a notification from Azure AD. Same for user updates from Azure AD. These are normally immediate, but sometimes can take a bit longer depending on whether other processes are running.

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Thanks Brian, I will pass this onto my client :smile: