Connect your company with Yammer – a vision & roadmap update

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Yammer Product Evanglist @Steve Nguyen and Senior Yammer Product Marketing Manager @Angus Florance presented this session at Ignite Austraila 2017. 


Yammer is transforming how people collaborate and in the process enabling organizations around the world to move quickly and adapt the change. In this session we'll go deep on the Yammer roadmap and show you many of the things we are working on. One of our biggest investments is in the integration with Office 365 Groups. By connecting each Yammer group to the Office 365 Groups service, each team will be able to leverage the full power of suite Office 365, from having the groups files stored in SharePoint, a shared calendar for all members and access to other shared apps like Planner, PowerBI & OneNote, directly from within Yammer. Learn about the value of working like a network, the Yammer product strategy and road map, Yammer integrations with Microsoft Office 365, and the journey to successfully adopt open collaboration at your organization and beyond.



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The audio on this is quite faint, I had to turn everything up to maximum and it was still a bit faint. Can someone else verify this, and if so can we get one re-cut with better audio? I'd like to share it.