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In Yammer network admin settings, it is possible to uncheck the box indicating a requirement for posts made via email to be confirmed before posting to the network -  "Require all users in your network to confirm their posts made by email before posting". However there is a second check for this in each member's personal profile settings/Notifications, where the box is automatically checked for when "I post a message via email (This will send a confirmation email)". Most people don't even know this is an option for them to turn off. Is there any way to set it so that the default is for all members to be able to post automatically via email without having to confirm? This is causing confusion for many of our users.


Thank you!

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I know you can't uncheck that for individual users. However, I thought that the default was to allow users to post without having to confirm. There's something about the sensitivity of your exchange system that may force people to have to confirm their post.


I remember many of us have had this issue in the past. I looked on the old network and found this thread - @Erin Scupham do you remember this from way back when?


"We did have an issue in the past where both settings were turned off, but some people were getting confirmation emails. Ended up just closing the ticket because it randomly started working again (where a confirmation email was no longer sent)." and I replied: "Yes, you have to configure DKIM or SPF in exchange to remove it. Chad Cooper tried this and it works." Chad Cooper (I can't find him in this network) replied.


Chad Cooper in reply to Amy Dolzine (LZ)
–February 12, 2015 at 3:34am 
Amy, we were successfully able to implement an SPF record in our public DNS and it fixed the e-mail confirmation issue. Thank you for passing along this important detail!!!

Here's a quick explanation for the SPF record... When Yammer receives an e-mail from [person]@[mycompany].com that was sent by server, the Yammer e-mail servers ask the DNS authority for [mycompany].com "Is a valid e-mail sender for your domain?" If the SPF record in [mycompany].com DNS shows, the e-mail is considered trusted. This is separate from the admin configuration option that still allows the e-mail confirmation process to be forced, regarless of an SPF record."


Hope this helps!

This is very helpful Amy. I'll check with our IT dept to see what can be done. Erin, if you have any further details, that would be helpful to hear!

Right now we see stuff require confirmation at random and then other messages just disappear and are never posted. Once we get through a project to redesign the mail routing for our campus I'm hoping that will improve.


I was once told that there is always a possibility of Yammer asking for a confirmation if the message looks suspicious but I have no idea what the criteria for that would be.

Yes, I do remember this one.  We never ended up changing anything on the DNS side, it just started 'working' again so we chalked it up to a bug.  We have had a few issues with emails in the past (errors when responding, asking to confirm when we've unchecked the box, etc) and the email issues seemed to resolve 'on their own.'