Concerning Yammer message


Anyone able to provide insight on what this means in an external Yammer group? Was this change done by Microsoft or one of my evil O365 admins?



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Have your Admins previously posted with that 'Yammer' profile!

If not perhaps it is from Microsoft.

Regardless of which authority posted the message my feeling is that a decision to ban external members would have come from within your company.

That message definitely didn't come from my team, and external access seems to be enabled. There's a ghost in the shell!

There have been some buggy things afoot lately, but an official looking post/message is another level of Super Bug.


Recently, in our own network something was done in the back-end by admin (deliberate) which resulted in a message to all users (not expected).


Yours might have similarily formed? Robot wink


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This message happens when you have an external group and one of your external participants employers decides to block their membership of external groups.

Thanks for confirming Steven.


I fear that cometh our way too.



We seem to have it half-and-half by us: I can join External Groups when invited by people on other networks, but only have the Create an Internal Group option ourselves. Perhaps that can be an option for your org, to ease into Externals?