Classic Yammer - is there a switch off target date?


In a former version of the New Yammer FAQ - I thought I saw target date for New Yammer to become the default option with no opt out. 

Is there a target date still and if so when?

I'm aware its in our gift to change this, however, there's various reasons that can't happen just yet - knowing a Microsoft target date would help challenge those reasons.

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Microsoft has not announced an end date for Classic Yammer, but has said it won't happen until more legacy features are fully enabled in New Yammer. I'd expect them to give at least a couple months notice before it retires.
O365 discoverability features for connected groups this month according to the roadmap! Cant come soon enough!
MS just announced they will soon be defaulting tenants into New Yammer on by default (users can still opt out and go back to classic Yammer). So, "switch off" for classic Yammer still seems a bit out there.
Thanks Kevin. Where was that said?
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