Classic Yammer - is there a switch off target date?


In a former version of the New Yammer FAQ - I thought I saw target date for New Yammer to become the default option with no opt out. 

Is there a target date still and if so when?

I'm aware its in our gift to change this, however, there's various reasons that can't happen just yet - knowing a Microsoft target date would help challenge those reasons.

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Microsoft has not announced an end date for Classic Yammer, but has said it won't happen until more legacy features are fully enabled in New Yammer. I'd expect them to give at least a couple months notice before it retires.
O365 discoverability features for connected groups this month according to the roadmap! Cant come soon enough!
MS just announced they will soon be defaulting tenants into New Yammer on by default (users can still opt out and go back to classic Yammer). So, "switch off" for classic Yammer still seems a bit out there.
Thanks Kevin. Where was that said?
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@Ray Harrison It seems like MS turned off Classic Yammer over the weekend.  Is there any way to get it back as I don't like the new interface.

@Half_Penny Last week the option to provide opt-out disappeared for us. This caused a little confusion and annoyance. This is now the new experience for all, there's lots of great features as part of this experience and it may not be 100% as it was but it is good. There's lots of resources on the new experience and what it brings and they're worth a read. A good opportunity for organisations to promote the value of Yammer and what it uniquely brings them.

Here's some of the supporting info 

From Microsoft:
MC379026 · Published May 12, 2022 · Last updated Jun 3, 2022

Updated June 2, 2022: We have updated the content below to provide additional clarity. Thank you for your patience.

We are pleased to announce that the next phase of the new Yammer experience rollout is a month away. With this change, all users will access the new Yammer experience, and the toggle for classic Yammer will be removed. Admins can still switch to the classic Yammer experience via a new toggle in the Yammer admin settings.

Key points

Timing: We will begin rolling this out in mid-June and expect to complete rollout late June.
Action: To get the most out of the Yammer experience, we recommend enabling the new version of Yammer now for all users and review the changes and assess the impact on your organization.
Roll-out: tenant level
How this will affect your organization:

The new Yammer powers leadership engagement, corporate communications, communities, and knowledge-sharing in Microsoft 365. In addition to migrating all the key functionalities from the classic version to the new version of Yammer, these are some new features that we have implemented based on your feedback:

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For end users:

You will no longer be able to opt-out of the new version of Yammer.

For admins:

As a default the new Yammer will be enabled for all users, but admins can still switch back when needed to the classic Yammer experience, through the Opt-out option.

This option is already available for all networks and can be changed in the admin settings in the “New Yammer” module. The current active option enables the new Yammer as a default for everyone, now the default option, will enable the new Yammer for all users with opt-out option only for Admins.