Changing sender name from Yammer automated emails


We have modern Yammer setup at our office.  Users will get update emails from the communities they are in.  Confusing thing is the the email appears to come from a user who made a new post in the community as that poster's name is in the from field in Outlook, but the email address itself is a no reply address from Yammer itself.


Does anybody know if there is a way to change this so that the sender name just says Yammer or something, rather than list the names of people who contributed to the posts?  It seems to be confusing some people and they think the email is from that user, not Yammer.



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The reason this feature exists this way is to give you a clue about who authored the post/comment that is driving the notification (something that could be important context in many cases).

AFAIK there is no way to change this.

@CaptainReboot Thank you for your feedback! we appreciate your comments!


I am sorry to inform you that, currently there is no option to change that. However we would like to know more about the issue you have came up with. Has this created confusion in your organization? what other problems or concerns has this raised?


Thanks in advance!

Some people are getting confused when see an email from that person, but it isn't from that person, but from Yammer instead.