Changing name of Yammer "All Company" Community


According to the MS documentation, admins will be able to change the name of "All Company" . 


But I login as Admin, I can change the logo, header image, description text etc., but I do not see the "Settings" link to change the name. Any ideas?




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Are you a verified network admin, or O365 Global Admin?

@Kevin Crossman Tried with both Verified network admin and global admin. Same result :( 

Hi. Can someone pleae tell me how we activate the restrictions to All Company posts, and the changing the name of the All Company group? As a Yammer network admin I'm not seeing the option on the ellipsis, and neither are our Microsoft O365 admins. We've followed all the steps at the link but it's just not happening for us. Please help, we go live in a few days!

@Kevin Crossman I am having the same issue.  I am global admin.  I am not sure how to make myself or someone else a verified network admin.  is this the issue?  can anyone been able to correct this?  I also can restrict posts my guess is it is all related.  If it helps, I am using Microsoft 365 identities, and I am in native mode.


update:  I have also noticed the trying to upload a cover photo and community icon that when I exit and go back into Yammer those images are not holding.  They switch back to the default cover image and initials.

we're experiencing these same issues

@Joe_Tyler yes, it is pretty annoying right now.