Change yammer profile email address in public networks

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I am registered in many public yammer networks with my current company's email account. We are being acquired and I'm going to be getting a new email address. Is there any way that I can change my Yammer profile to use the new address? I remember that this used to be impossible, but I'm hoping that something might have changed.

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Changing the email address for a Yammer profile is not something a user can do. Is the email address the only change that is going to happen? I'm asking this because migration of Yammer networks/users to other O365 tenants is not possible. You would end up with a new account if that is the case. 

Yes, it is just an email address change. I would like to be able search on my profile to easily find my previous posts and maintain access to the groups in the network I have already joined. They are all public networks that are run by various organizations, typically Microsoft, but are separate from the o365 tenants

A UPN change shouldn't be a problem. Everything should work as it does right now and the email address in your profile will be updated to reflect the change in AD. Maybe an idea to create a ticket with MSFT support to get a confirmation on this just to be sure as networks that are lost can't be restored.