Cannot invite Gmail users to an external group?

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I am receiving errors when trying to add gmail accounts to External Network groups.

I read a previous post on this and the idea is that gmail is not a valid work account. That is completely untrue. Many companies use GSuite and do not personalize their domain name.

Also,, work fine, so...really?


I receive two different errors (images attached):

1. An email you enter is not allowed. If you're using a personal email address. try a work one instead.

2. There was an error adding  the user to the group


Is there any way to get around this ridiculous restriction? 

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You might contact MS Support on that, but generally speaking GMail is NOT a work address.  Technically, as you noted, people use it for work related email. But more particularly what Yammer wants is a "company email address" and since Gmail isn't a company it doesn't work.


Yammer wants a company email address because companies sign up for Yammer/O365.

External Sharing had some problem and Microsft has Fixed that, Please try now.
I've been trying all week. No go. It appears to by design.

Azure B2B could be useful here. I know what you are saying about the GSuite being used by organisations. I think it comes down wiring and Microsoft can establish trust between two Office 365 tenants but not with a tenant (gmail) which is a mixture of public and private.

Just a quick question, is all the Gmail ids having an issue? Could you capture logs using fiddler and upload? will analyze logs and try to find root causes for this issue. 

We plan to support this scenario soon-ish (I'll say early next year to be safe) and it will be backed by Azure B2B as Simon Denton suggests. This also means we'll be able to enable the functionality of Office 365 groups (connections, resource etc).