Cannot access Yammer via Firefox

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Currently Firefox is giving my users a certificate error when attempting to access Yammer:


Is anyone else experiencing this problem? I wonder if it is related to the two incidents currently in Office 365 Admin that Exchange online and SharePoint online are not accessible in Firefox. 

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Yes this must be related to those service incidents and there is an advisory for Teams as well, all mentioning that invalid OCSP signing certificate error. It sounds like it will take a while
to fully restore and using another browser in the meantime should work.

Thanks. Looks like the issue has bee noted in the Admin Center 


Yep. I'm seeing the same thing.

We are having the same issue with Firefox.

Sorry - no issue here using Firefox - latest build installed 2 days ago..
Was it ever resolved?

Hi Richard,


This item was resolved at 3:00 AM UTC 31/05/2017.

I grabbed this information from the Twitter account:


If you have a Twitter account it can be worth following.