Can Yammer be configured for automatic licensing?

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We have been enforcing Office 365 Identities and Block Office 365 Users without Yammer licenses to prevent Yammer usage while our Enterprise Social team gets ready to migrate from our existing social tool to Yammer. Now that they are ready, is there a way to configure Yammer to automatically assign a license for those who actively attempt to use it the first time? The reason is that we only have a few thousand licenses available but not enough to pre-enable every single user in our company. If any currently non-licensed user attempts to access Yammer we want to automatically assign the license so they don't get blocked and purchase more seats as we approach our limit. So I'm curious to know if I simply uncheck the option to Block Office 365 users without Yammer licenses will it auto-assign the Yammer license when they attempt to login to Yammer? 

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AFAIK this isn't possible. Unchecking the option to block O365 users without Yammer licenses will simply allow them to create their account and use Yammer even if you haven't given them a license. My recommendation would be not to block users without a license. Let them create their accounts and use Yammer. You're enforcing the O365 identities, which means that they do need an O365 account to be able to create an account on Yammer and your security settings for O365 (e.g. MFA) will be applied as well. Monitor the number of users and eventually, when you're reaching the number of users that you have licenses for, you can turn on the license check after giving the users with an account the licenses (you can export user data as a Yammer admin). The downside to this approach is that you have to monitor the number of users. You're not supposed to allow more users to connect with Yammer than the number of licenses you have available. 

Great advice and likely what we will follow. Thanks!