Can we allow certain users to Post on a yammer group, while others to Read-Only

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When we want to create a new Yammer group , we have 2 options to create Private or Public, as follow:-



Now seems Public will allow all our users to Post + Read, while the Private will only allow members to Post and Read. but can we create a group which will only allow members to Post while other users to Read (without been able to Post)?


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Hi @john john  I'm pretty sure that you can't.


You might build something using a Flow to delete posts written by people not on some allowed to post list.

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Hi @John John

AFAIK, doesn’t exist today. Closest thing I can find on this on uservoice is read only groups which is in consideration here

Bearing in mind looks like it has been raised for some time so there doesn’t look to be urgency on it.

I would look to raise another uservoice if this doesn’t cover it but also look to raise it at the next Yammer AMA.

Hope that helps

Best, Chris

@john john 

>but can we create a group which will only allow members to Post while other users to

>Read (without been able to Post)


This is not possible in Yammer.

@Deletedthanks for the info. but doing so will make most users upset. for example a user might spend 10-15 minutes writing a discussion, then the user will realize that it is no more exists. if Yammer does not provide such as feature, to allow certain users to contribute while other users to have Read-only, then i think it is better to stay with this limitation... from my previous experience, deleting something to force a permission policy will not work for end users..

@Christopher Hoardok thanks, i might raise a user voice. so for August 2019 this is not supported.

@john john - I agree.  Just throwing out ideas given the current limitations.


Microsoft has added features to Yammer recently (Q/A, editing posts, moving posts from one group to another) which have all been huge improvements.  I hope they continue to add features, including the option to moderate posts to a group, especially since this is coming to Teams.

@john john  I've been asked for an additional "Admin Review" option where members can post a conversation or reply but they will not be seen by the other channel users until an Admin reviews and approves the post or reply.

I haven't heard of any featuring coming to Yammer with that sort of posting limitation.