Can only Yammer channel admins create custom links?

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so I was wondering if there's some setting to allow regular Yammer channel members not only to paste a link but also format it so that its display text name can be changed.

As far as I can tell this functionality is only available for channel admins by choosing "Announcement". They then have to type the desired link text into content editor window and then choose the link icon and paste the link.


Any Ideas?


Thanks in advance for your response.

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Correct, only admins can post announcements and currently only announcements support that type of formatting.

This item on the road map may change that:

Rich Text Formatting for Yammer
Users will be able to use rich text i.e. bullets, bold, lists, italics for all posts in addition to announcements.
Estimated Release: Q4 CY2018
Feature ID: 18223